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Grate Firewall solutions?

I have a friend that is moving back to china and has asked me how to safely use the internet.

as far as i know most VPNs will not work and the ones that do will leave him on a list.

he did ask if Shadow Socks would work, i have never seen this before and it looks smart but im sure the Chinese firewall accounts for it.

my thought was to SSH to a server (linode) and maybe tunnel web traffic through the SSH?

any other ideas??

I would probably get a super-cheap VM probably from Lowendspirit or Lowendstock and run Wireguard VPN on port 53. Can’t beat their prices! Then if you need more bandwidth, just get another one.

I was thinking the same, a cheap vm.
But if vpn does not work for some reason. Pipe some ports over ssh.

Ofc vpn would be easier since there are clients for mobile devices, routers etc.

Also you might be surprised at how many sites block vpn ip adresses. Wich is why i have bin considering replacing my VPN with a vm.

Seconded (or thirded). There’s plenty of VPS out there for <$20 a year that give you a couple of TB/month of traffic, and that you can use to build your own VPN.

Subscription VPNs look good on paper, but chances are you’ll want to have your own box somewhere for one reason or another, might as well use it to get around your ISP.

Have him move to HK? Honestly didnt they change to no VPN laws, so if he gets caught he will have to be in China Jail so fuck that.

Subscription VPNs are largely worthwhile for masking piracy. Restrictive regimes like China block them, and they don’t work for Netflix. Better to roll your own.

The Chinese government doesn’t crack down on VPN usage, they just try to block it. Evading the great firewall is a very common thing in mainland China. The only thing that’ll truly get you in trouble is political speech.

Just use a vpn. If he’s not retarded he’ll find them super easy. I’d reccobend not taking anything tech with him to china unless he’s ok with never seeing it again potentially. Easier to get it shipped in later.

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You may consider trying to use VyOS, since it’s VPN supports SSTP protocol, that’s most likely will be able to bypass DPI firewall, but not sure.