Graphics Tablet advice

Does anyone have any experience with UGEE graphics tablets?  I am buying a new tablet but if I can avoid dropping $400 on a Wacom Intuos Pro or $220 on the non Pro medium size if the quality is similar that would be great.

I have been looking at either the M1000L or M708 - both can be found here;

any advice would be appreciated (or suggestions of other brands)


a big problem from these chinese tablets is that they require a battery for the pen while the Wacom doesn't.  This means that the quality of the sensor if far inferior because it needs to be active which means when the battery starts to go low, the performance of the sensor goes as well...this isn't too big of a deal, but for $50 i'm pretty sure it works quite well.  

Just be warned that the quality won't be as good as Wacom.  I've owned a few of the chinese tablets back a few years ago and i was forced to go Wacom due to the quality.  It was because when i started with the tablet, i didn't know how well they were made until i tried a Wacom Intuos 4 at the time.  The Intuos Pro for $400 isn't bad considering my Intuos 4 Medium costed $500 and it doesn't have touch and memory capabilities like the Pro(aka Intuos 5) does.

In comparison with the M1000L, it seems that they use the similar pressure sensitivity, and similar sensor.  It does not have Touch capabilities.  Though it does have a slew of buttons which can be binded. It requires a battery, usb plug isn't included.  Idk anything about the software, but considering chinese quality, the software may not be compatible with Adobe, Autodesk, and other touch related software.  That is a risk you may take.  These companies have features specific to Wacom where the sensitivity can be detected because the software is assigned and prepared alongside these programs.

IMO if you're not very serious in using tablets, it may be something worth trying out.  Otherwise i'd go for wacom and considering how well these products are manufactured and the big warranty and parts replacement like screens, pens, nibs, mice,'s quite extensive.

Just buy a used intous 3 or 4 for like less then half of a new one. The only thing that is fragile is the pen and it is easy enough to test if you are getting it from a person in the area.

Hmmm... thanks for the feedback - I'll look into either a 2nd hand tablet or just drop the 450 on the intuos large

well that or sell my soul and get a cintiq for 1100 ;)

My Graphire 3 is sufficiently impressive for me, especially given the little amount that I paid for it.

well the medium intous pen and touch tablet would be more then enough for some serious work. Its just unfortunate it costs 220 where you live though.

Great advice everyone - any suggestions on a good program to use with it?  I have Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, but I am not sure what would be better for what I am doing.  I am doing all the maps and Artwork for my novel, nut also I love to draw just for the hell of it, think steampunk and medieval fantasy.

I sketch in Photoshop (CS2 or newer, since they updated the brush tool quite significantly between the original CS and CS2) but I color exclusively in Paint Tool Sai, thanks to it being the best.

download a trial of art rage its pretty awesome

In January I picked up my first tablet which was the Medium Intous pen and touch, and I was worried since they're like the beginner models. But I've been very satisfied with it. I create my own textures for my Maya work with it, and you can get a lot of detail with it once you get the feel of it. I would probably even be fine with the small size honestly. And the touch sensor is very gimmicky. I just turn it off.

I've heard good things about the Huion tablets and am considering getting one for use at home since one of my children went all "smashy smashy" with my Wacom Bamboo pen.

Here is a video from an artist I trust who uses one alongside an intuos and cintiq

'Trial"? Yes... ...a free 'trial'...

It's honestly tough to beat a wacom for quality and accuracy.  Their proprietary tech really is the best method I've seen for a graphics tablet.  I'm still using an Intuos 4 medium, and it works great.  If price is an issue, as has been suggested, look into a second hand Intuos 4 or 5, or get a new Intuos Pen (formerly Bamboo) which can be had from $60 or so (for a small).

Also, if you can, test one out.  Different people prefer different sizes.  It's pretty dependent on your drawing style.  I draw largely from the wrist with some arm movement, so medium works best for me.  If you are a wrist drawer, a small might be preferable.  If you draw largely from the elbow, then large may be the way to go.

As for programs, anything decent will work really.  For drawing/painting/sketching, Photoshop, GIMP, Sketchbook etc all work fine.  For illustration/vector, Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw etc will work as well.

My 2 cents on the subject, take it for what it's worth...  which I guess is 2 cents lol.

Among free software Krita is my favorite. I have found it to be a bit better on linux then windows in the past. That might be changing now that they are funding development by selling it on steam but idk.

It is worth checking out. For me it is the only program that is a suitable alternative to painting in photoshop and in many ways I prefer it over photoshop.