Graphics card trouble

hello im havin trouble with my graphics card its a sprkle 7600 GS AGP 8x and i cant get it to use its 8x speed its only usin 4x and i got a AGP 2.0 slot and it aint usin its 512 mb vram its only usin 368 can i have some help thx

Idk much about AGP. but is ur card only AGP 1.0? What os u using and 32bit or 64bit. Also how much system ram do u have installed already?

uhhh ill give u full specs

my graphics card is AGP 2.0 overclocked stock clock is 400 mhz on the core and the memory is 350mhz

trust me my comp is shit

1gig of ram 333mhz each stick

cpu is intel dont know what it is but i know the specs its p4 533 fsb and 2mb chache

and im runnin windows xp home premium 32 bit but its allrite 4 jus normal games but games like uhhh crysis it laggs on medium and wel dats pretty much da only powerful game i got

howdo u know its only useing 4x?

because he's fucking magic man.

that or he thinks it should be faster than it is which is lulz worthy

uhhh well i got GPUz and it tells you specs of your grafix card and it says AGP4x @ pci but its an AGP Card

and also when i open the nvidia tool bar and play with the settings it click on system info and it says the same thing

ive gone to bios settings that doesent help but when i try to put the main display option on AGP/onboard then it doesnt work only the onboard video is workin

ohh yer its 256 bit bandwidth thingy

post the exact model of you mobo, download pcwizard

With that you can check that also all the info of the vga post it too.

check the model of you mobo, do some googling to if you can find someone with your same problem, also check the page of the manufactorer if you can find some info, and thats weird an agp card with less memory. That will maybe a defective chip.

no it woudn be defective i bought it from megotrice and he didn have problems with it and my mobo is a bioshock p4tgv-r

well ill check it out

uhhh well pcwozard is corrupt it didn work it came up with errors but im gonna play crsis now so ill check out the problem out l8r