Graphics card RMA

I might have spilled pepsi on my graphics card so..

anyone know if its necessarily to rma my xfx graphics card with a anti
static bag cus i dont have one and im pretty sure it didnt come with
one and in the thing they need me to sign it says to put it in one?

Go for anti static bag, XFX can reject your RMA if you break those rules.

Remember, XFX is our favourite group to bash on, so don't play any bullshit when you're doing business with them.

Don't mess with XFX, or they'll mess around right back.

Who cares, one of our guys got trolled back by them

Lol my XFX card just broke too.Anyway, in the contract it states that you have to have one. I bet they cost 10 cents at a store.

yea i guess ill have to go get one owell

You're trying to RMA a GPU you spilled soda on?


how are they gonna know? hes just gonna act like a idiot to customer support like "it just stopped working"... i bet he'll get a new gpu, its tough to just tell if somebody spilled soda on your gpu haha

What about finding alot of traces of soda on it?


RMA'ing in USA.. hahahhaa

Who needs RMA support for each brand here in Norway, when you can just RMA it from where you bought it.. Or.. Well that is the only way to rma shit here :D

One more thing, ontopic this time;

When you cheat off a new GPU for free, you better fucking be paying for a small bag you greedy son of a ... XD

The only way they wouldn't know is if you washed it off. But then they would probably find out that you washed it. So how wouldn't they know?

Ya I just found out that I could have just RMA it from Newegg. But this was after I sent it. I wouldn't have had to gone through all this bull shit. Newegg would have just replaced it.I am still waiting for XFX to send my card back. Life is so boring with out video games.Â

Natural selection has a 80% margin of error.

its not my fault its ECS-the root of all evil

Well not to bump this but i like to inform all of you XFX did not realize i spilled pepsi on my graphics card or that i had washed it off and aparantly they say there is nothing wrong with it but there sending me a new one:

2/25/2010 11:10:54 PM]
Hi Mike; We have performed
extensive testing on the board you sent in and have not been able to
find any issues with it. At this point I am confident that the product
is fully functional and the issue you described is not related to the
board. I have instructed the RMA department to go ahead and replace
this unit anyway. If you receive the replacement and the issue
persists, I would recommend looking at the other components in the
system to track down the root of the issue. Thanks, Michael


Real Talk.

wtf. XFX found my card faulty and they didn't say anything about replacing it. One sec they say it is faulty and the next thing they are saying is that they are sending something out. I don't know what it is going to be though. I hope they aren't sending my a used card.

It could be the higher end model of your dead card. But keep it in mind.