Graphics card for me

Hello everyone, newest member of Tek Syndicate here.

I'm also from Australia!

I have to do all of my component shopping through to save on postage.

So I was wondering if you guys could tell me which card I should get in your opinion for under $400.

It can be AMD, but I prefer Nvidia.

Something to bare in mind, I only have a 60Hz monitor, so if its going to give me framer rates for 90fps whats the point?

Also, I can't REALLY see much of a difference between 60fps and 30fps, so.....

So the cheapest the better because then I might get a 3570 as oposed to the 3470.

Thank you for your time!

well it really depends on what games your playing and if you want to play on ultra extremo


I'd like to play a bit of everything, but because it's only a 23" monitor High to Extreme would be nice.

Medium if it means I save $100

you could get a 660 ti it is nvidia and it does perform very well and you save $100

but wait until you hear from others because i dont really use nvidia

That sound like sound..... advice. Thank you!

but seriously wait for other recommendations before deciding


Yeah I would say go with the 660ti since you really want Nvidia. However if you want to have a little more money then go with the 7870 black edition or you could even just go with the stock and save even more. The performance between the 660ti and 7870 black edition or ghz edition are fairly close. 


someone agrees with me. and yeah for a little more go with 7870 black edition

but if your gaming only go with either, your preference

but if you think your gonna need CUDA for video editing and such you have to go with 660 ti (at this price point)

either EVGA 660 Ti FTW sig 2, Asus 660 Ti Direct CU 2 whatever, Or grab a dual fan or tri-fan 7970 (Overclock insanity). I currently have a FTW sig 2 660 ti and I managed to push it to 1267 stable running crysis for an hour ( That's higher than most 680 clock speeds)