Graphic design pc

Im building a graphic design pc for my mum I have a $2000 budget which must incorporate a monitor preferably an ips thanks

$2000 budget is pretty good. focus on software more than anything though. i would say get a a nice multicore CPU (high speed) such as the 3770k. 16 Gb or more of fast ram, and a decent video card.

but software is key for graphic design

i made this:

its a bit over budget, but thats because i added a Asus high resolution 2560 x 1440 27inch PLS screen. ofc you can go very cheaper if you pickup a nice 23 inch LG ips panel.(those are great), the money you saving  you can trow in a GTX-680 or GTX-780, but i think that would be overkill. i dont know how much a GTX-770 4GB is gonne cost thats something very intresting to look at.

Further i think your mom won´nt be overclocking so i choosed for a Hasswel i7-4770. and a  GTX 670 4GB video card. a 128 GB samsung 840 pro ssd, and a 2 TB seagate hdd.

let me know what you think.

Grtz Angel ☺