Graphic Cards

Hey , Logan I just discovered TekSyndicate ( like a month now) and I have watched all your videos well most of them.

So what do you think about quality for $ of GPUs today and how will they improve following the launch of next gen consoles?

Enjoy life, Sam

If i were to jump in with my opinion here, i would say that a little lower end cards like the GTX 650 Ti give you what you pay for for around $150, but when you start getting into things like the Titan and 7990s you are most likely just going overkill for consumer use.

I'd say that you can get the best bang for your buck in the $200-$400 range.

For a normal gamer, I think a good option is to get a $200-250 card that you can later in a few years add another and SLI/crossfire to bump up the performance again to handle the lastest games at the point in time.

True, i'd like to think a few 7870's would beat out a 7970

Not if the games are not optimized for crossfire. It's a transition phase that will never end, since one card is always cheaper, cooler, lower consumption and better while crossfiring has it's obvious bandwith and raw performance advantage. You only crossfire/SLi if you want to keep a platform alive and the motherboard lets you to. If a midrange card beats an older high end card you're trying to crossfire then there's no point in doing so.

Always go for an one card solution, that is my pro tip.