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Grammar Question - Proper Title


I’m trying to properly name the title of a paper, and I was wondering if the correct title would be “Quadruple-booting” or “Quadruple-Booting”. That is not the entire title, but a section of it. The full title being “Single Drive UEFI Quadruple-Booting/booting Guide”



Ehm… It seems that “Quadral” might be the more appropriate word of choice as apposed to “Quadruple”. I’m not really sure.



Does it have to be 4?
I would thinkg that “multi-booting” is more generally applicable and correct while also being far more likely to be found by someone searching for such a guide.

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Quad specifically, because the amount is known. If the amount were in the unknown category, then I would mark it as multi. It is a more direct and known solution.



If you’re in high-school or American then quadruple would be fine as quad(bike) is part of the American-English vernacular.
If it’s for anything tertiary related or if you’re non American-English speaking, then tetrad is the norm.