GPU worth the upgrade?

Hey all. I'm having troubles running graphically demanding games, Such as Battlefield 3 and now, Battlefield 4. In BF4, I get around 30 fps on high settings, and only 30 fps or lower. Would it make a big difference to just get another card for Crossfire, or should I spend a wad of cash and get something beefy, maybe even upgrade to a new PC? Maybe Intel, and Nvidia.. the more expensive route. Although it sounds like a good idea, I'm trying to save some money.
My system specs are as follows.

  • CPU: AMD fx6200 @ 3.8Ghz
  • CPU Cooler: cooler master 212 evo
  • GPU: HIS 7870 Ghz edition
  • mobo: Asus m5a97 r2.0 
  • RAM: 8gb gskill sniper series 
  • SSD: 250 gb 840 Samsung 
  • PSU: Corsair cx750

What do you recommend? Thanks in advance! 

Well...crossfire would be the more cost effective solution. With your card alone, you should be able to run BF3 at least at 60+fps on high, but not ultra, that is if you're gaming at 1080p. Perhaps your CPU is bottle-necking the card

According to Tom's Hardware, you should be able to run BF3 at around 65FPS. Then again, they do have an i7 2600K; that;s why I brought up that your cpu might be the bottleneck.,3148-6.html

Upgrade to an 8350, if that's still not enough, then upgrade the card.




I agree. While selling your current card and using that to net a single new one for the same (maybe) price might be a good option, it is quite the hassle.

A 7870 crossfire will run well, unless you are affected by uneven frame times.

I also agree with the 8350 too.

Maybe a single card would be better because your motherboard only runs CF in x16 and x4 mode. This would equate to ~3% less performance. (In the BF3 example, ~2 fps).

I dont think an 8350 will make much of a difference, being that it processes things relatively the same, with more cores and a higher clock rate. I've come to find out after i bought it, that an fx series processor was an awful decision. I'm now positive its my processor, as when I ran MSI afterburner it maxed out at 67% usage in bf4 and went no further. I know the game is poorly optimized at the moment, but even when it comes to BF3, a 7870 should be able to max it out at a decent frame rate with the right processor.

I'll probably keep the card and get a new mobo/processor. 4770k and asus maximus hero IV, and then upgrade to another 7870 or maybe sell it and get a 770. Yay, more money to spend. It's a hard decision!