GPU VRM Failing?

Is this normal under load? (1080ti)

Those weird power/voltage limit fluctuations?


It was having crashing issues, I’ve already tried different drivers, reinstalling windows, new motherboard and a new PSU.

Hard to say without knowing what load the card was under, could also be a CPU bottleneck.

Could try maxing out the power limit slider.

Crashes more often when I do that. Card was under full load.

How are temperatures?
Could try manually putting the fans to 50%

Temps are fine, between 70C and 75C

Nvidia cards have super hard power throttling and start dropping clocks at 60°C.

From the image in the initial OP, I suspect your card starts throttling and the capacitors are not what they used to be so the FETs get current spikes, report danger and the voltage controller then shuts the whole thing down.

it’s weird because it only happens in a few games. Namely Siege and Risk of Rain 2. I can play Path of Exile, Apex, and Vermintide 2 all day and never have an issue.

Is there a way to set a “target temperature” that the GPU fans try to keep? Then I would set 55°C and try if it still does it.

need more info. can you do some logging?

is that picture from gpu tweak?

are you running any other overclocks?

MSI afterburner, no overclocks.

are you on the latest vbios?

No, running stock

might be worth a shot flashing it