GPU upgrade; but with a twist, I can only use it for a year. read more

So right now the GPU I'm using is an old Sapphire HD 4860 It's out dated and weak and the cooler is totally craptastic. So I'm going to upgrade some point here so I can actually play newer games at non console settings. Now normally I'd grab an r9 290 or r9 290x. Grab a more powerful PSU and slap it on in and there we go. Except In a year I'll be joining the US marines. So If I was to buy an r9 290x or just a 290 I'd be wasting money since I wont be using it for very long. What I'm thinking is about getting an r9 270x and putting it in. It's a little expensive but It has pretty good price to performance and overall computational strength. What do you think? Is the r9 270x too powerful for just use up until q1-q2 2016? Maybe a 750TI. Is there some kind of mathmatic equation I don't know about that would figure this out for me? Comment below.

I'd probably get the R9-285. they are dirt cheap. and it's just overall better. at the same price range. Plus you get support for all of the goodies. Mantle, True-Audio, Free-Sync, DX12, Tress FX 2.0 and all that.

R9-285 Windforce - $160 bucks

at $160 you really can't go wrong.


Using 2 7870's and they get the job done. Can't always run at highest settings without framerate going to hell, but I am happy for about another year I think. Kat just posted a good selection, about the same I paid for first 7870 pitcairn, those cards still crank out some decent results. For a few dollars more you can pick up a 7970/ 280x I believe. If you are planning to play The Witcher 3 maxed out then...might as welll pay top dollar. Slightley on topic, but I thought about the same route you are going after high school, the marines pay less then the army. Either way I think you will have to find a regular job unless you kicked ass on the ASVAB. Just my two cents.

Good Idea, I completely forgot to check which ones had which directX and Mantle support. That saved me from making a stupid mistake

I know about the pay, I'm not joining the military for money though. I do really want to play the Witcher 3 but max doesn't really mean anything to me. Especially when max settings in some games like Last Light are face melting. I can do with just medium or high

You will still be able to game in the military (I was on a sub and still gamed) Might as well get something you want and not a compromise.

In the US Marine corps Infantry I will not be able to use desktop computer. The most I would be able to have would be get a gaming laptop shipped to me once I'm over which I'm not very interested in.

Once you get out of training which is not that long really, you will have a barracks room. And since we aren't doing much ground warfare ATM you will be able to game a bit.

Most likely the barracks I'll get put in after boot will be very close quarters. I probably would be able to find a place to put a gaming laptop once I'm there. But I'm not interested In having to take an expensive, delicate laptop with me everywhere every time I have to pack up and move somewhere else. My gaming solution once I'm done with boot will just be a 3DS. But there's absolutely no way I could have a small desktop pc there just wouldn't be room for something like that. And then having to move it aswell. So right now we're talking about just upgrading my current pc so I can play some witcher and gta 5 a decent settings till then.

So i get the feeling you arent open to the idea of taking the PC but you should look at some Pelican Case mods. They arent that great thermally but its DEFINITELY rugged enough for throwing around if you secure things down. Essentially you get a mid-sized Pelican case that you would use to carry around your gear from the military and then you mount all the essentials into the case (The pc itself, monitor, etc..), cut a slit for the power cable to come through (or get an adapter and make a port on the outside of the case) and use that as a mobile gaming station.

Ben Heck did one in 2010 for a couple serving in Afghanistan and made a somewhat portable PS3 gaming station but the idea is the same.

A friend of mine serving in the Navy uses a setup similar and has an Xbox One and his PC in a Pelican case and it barely fits under his bed. All he needs to do is connect the case to a wall outlet and bam! he can play whatever he wants. The cases go cheap on eBay or for around $80+ new depending on brand/size.

Yeah I do remember Ben heck's pelican PS3. That actually gave me the idea to store xbox 360 controllers in a foam filled pelican case so they don't get messed up. While that would likely work actually I still probably wouldn't want to do that. Only because once I'm in I'll want to afford all my attention to preparations, the next mission, thoughtful meditation. Things like that, although once I figure out exactly what I'm doing when I'm in I see myself maybe reconsidering some kind of pc. But for now I want to get something now and I'll give away when I ship off to boot with the clothes on my back. Really good idea though I totally forgot about portable pelican pc's.

If you do make a pelican case pc id love to see pics. Ive seen some crazy ones over on OC3D with built in watercooling.