GPU that can run bf4 and crysis 3 720p

I am looking for a GPU that can run max settings on any game minus AA. I want it to run at least 30 fps. I have a good deal with a friend on a gtx 560 to but I don't know if there's a better GPU for the same price. My price is $100

That's a good deal, and the 560 will eat up games at 720p. Heck, my 650 in my brothers computer is eating games up 1440x900 with maxed settings, but then again, he isn't playing Crysis (Borderlands 2). I think the only drawback is power consumption compared to more modern GPU's, but a 560 isn't that bad (150w TDP). However, a 650-Ti will get around the same performance with a 40w lower TDP.