GPU Suggestions for my new build (aiming for around $500)

So my desktop of 7 years decided to kick the bucket a few days ago and I've rebuilt my system with the following specs.

Wait until late 2014 for the new 800's or go with a GTX 780 card?

If 780...thoughts on which one (Asus DirectCU II, MSI Gaming, MSI Lightning, EVGA, etc).  I really like the idea of a trying to not add too many new colors (currently have almost all black with a bit of red).

The planned use for this system is a combination gaming/streaming/rendering/3d

Thanks for the suggestions.

if its a $500 build i suggest a gpu in the gtx600 series getting a gtx780 might go over your budget. try visiting newwegg they have a large selection gpu's for 50-200. might wanna get a gtx650

also im pretty sure you can get the same RAM or something similar for under $100 if you browse around.

Hope i was a big help. XD

Ah sorry...clarification point.

My budget for the GPU alone is around $500.

I've already got the rest of the system.

@Houndz I think he's talking about a 500 dollar GPU, considering his build is twice that XD. As for my recommendation, You could get  a 780, but I would highly suggest taking a look at the 290x from AMD. It's a bit more expensive, but with Mantle on the horizon AMD could get a serious leg up on Nvidia. Here's a gpuboss comparison, and this is without mantle:

Hope this helps! 

I'll consider the 290X...but in all likelyhood I'll probably stick with Nvidia.

Thoughts on waiting for the die shrinkage in the upcoming 800 series? (die won't shrink until at least Q2 or Q3) 

Depends. How powerful is your current system? If you can bear, I either wait for a drop in prices of the 780 or for shrinkage in the 800

Also 780ti if you can wait for a price drop.

My current system will be the hardware in the PC partpicker link I posted with a Dual 9800 GTX+ SLI set up.

For comparison...the 9800 GTX+ scores a 900 on the gpu benchmarks list whereas the 780's are right at 8000 (8600 for the 780ti) 

benchmark source

i just bought a 780 Classified and am VERY happy with it... the FTW model goes for $30 over you budget on Amazon... which is comparable to the classy