Gpu suggestions <$130

deciding to downgrade. I will Mostly be playing LoL, CSGO, Starcraft, and occasionally games in my library MKX, Arkham Knight. This will be a major downgrade from a 970, which I realized I don't really need since I dont play many gpu intensive games. Knowing it is a downgrade I just want a gpu that plays at 1080 with no stutter. any suggestions? I have been looking at 750ti and 760. I am still researching, so I still don't know the major differences given they are about $10 apart.

Wait, why are you downgrading?

Selling your current card to buy another for a bit of spare cash?

How about a second hand 7950? They sell for pretty cheap.

Some good stuff on eBay for that price. Here's a good list of things to look for:

Radeon HD 7950
Radeon HD 7870
Radeon HD 6970
Radeon HD 6950
GTX 760
GTX 660
GTX 660 Ti
GTX 580
GTX 570
GTX 560 Ti 448
GTX 470

(Each links to relevant search.)

Personally I recommend:

Radeon HD 7870
Radeon HD 6970
GTX 660 Ti
GTX 570

All solid cards that can easily handle your requirements. Note that most will use a bit more power than the GTX 970.

(I would recommend against dropping the GTX 970 but you seem to have made up your mind on that.)

1) need some spare cash 2) I dont really game as much as i thought I would.

How much did you spend on your current rig? Because you could just sell the whole thing, and possibly just get a cheap APU rig that'll run games alright at low noise and heat.

But ya, a used high end last gen GPU would probably be the way to go, maybe list that as a trade or something + cash.

I dont mind dropping it right now. I will for sure upgrade in the future to 980ti and higher resolution

I have i7 4790k( got a good deal from a buddy back in February when i built my PC), asus strix 970, evga PSU on a define r4 case.

Sure you wouldn't be better off trading the CPU for an i5 4460? It would affect your gaming performance much less.

first, im trying to see if a good deal comes up for my gpu( have 2 pending customers), then the cpu is probably next on the list. If they bail I can afford to hold off on selling it the gpu

If you're going to slowly sell off parts, I think you'd be better off selling the whole system, or most of it. It'd leave you with more money in the end .

Interesting. If I don't sell off the system I will probably just part with the gpu, for now, and upgrade the gpu and monitor sometime next year.