GPU Release Cycle

I am building a desktop, but am not interested in gaming at the moment. I would like to play games in late mid to late 2013, however, such as GTA V. My current thought is to hold off on buying a GPU and go with HD4000 until then. My question is typically, when do you expect the next generation of Nvidia GPUs to come out to take over the current price points. For example, if I wait until next August, can I expect to be able to purchase the successor to the GTX 670 or 660 Ti for their current prices that soon?

is there a cycle for gpus? it's pretty unpredictable

^ I second that

If anything by that time those GPUs will be a lot cheaper and you can buy one of those if they haven't released the new ones yet.

Ok, thanks for the info. Looks like I am better served not buying a dedicated GPU when building my PC if I don't plan on gaming on it until next year.