GPU question, troubleshooty thing

I know it's a meme on the level of "Should have bought a 390" at this point, but have you considered trying arch or an arch-based distro? I used to be an exclusively BSD and windows guy, and arch was the only distro that was compelling enough to me to make the switch to zero-MS permanently.

If the install is intimidating, distros based on arch that provide a complete, sane system out of the box are a dime a dozen these days. People discourage their use for some reason, but as long as you're already familiar with linux and read over basic maintenance of arch systems, they're a treat to use.

If you do go down this road, I recommend Antergos, and that you avoid manjaro like the plague.

Can I say... I'm really feeling "Should have bought a 390" for the last year or so.

If you only use linux, I honestly don't see why. Amdgpu-pro has a loooong way to before it reaches driver parity on open source platforms, and there's a model specific passthrough error on 390's for gaming VMs iirc.

I've got a Fury and a 970. Happy with both.

Not sure about the 390 for passthrough, but the 380 and fury suffer from it, so basically RIP my hopes and dreams.

feel like I need to complete the collection.

I've not had any trouble with my 7970, fury or my 290 for passthrough. what problems are you having?

Bus reset issue.

the 970 works fine, but the 380 and fury do not.

Not that I'm looking for help with it. I've resigned myself to my fate. There is no software fix for a hardware issue.

Hold on, Fury?

Which model?

Is it on unclean shutdown or every time? after the most recent qemu update it went from unclean only to fixed for me on the fury, and i never had issues with the 290 when I was using it.

Oh. Hmmm I hadn't tried since ~black friday, when I bought the Fury and proceeded to be thoroughly disappointed. Sole purpose was for passthrough, since I'd heard somewhere that they work properly.

It was any time after the first boot. So when the VM restarted from the Windows install, it gave up. Shut down the host, rebooted, started the VM, then when it restarted for updates, same thing.

May have to give it another try though. Having a fury would be really nice since I've got a 4k monitor. (970 doesn't quite cut it...)

are you on a system with proper iommu isolation or using the ACS patch? What distro are you using? this is getting into off topic territory, so I'm going to shamelessly plug a discord community that will be able to help sort this out for you instead of trying to diagnose it here:

Thanks for the link. Pretty sweet. Proper isolation, on some slots, but using the ACS patch to allow my USB controller to be passed through. Using Solus. Had the same issue with Arch previously though. I suppose I'll chat with the folks over there.

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