GPU PYassthrough on Non Standard Linuxes - More challenging or about the same?

I’m generally a void linux user. I’ve been constrained to only a few distro’s the last few years as my hardware only ALLOWED a few other distro’s to even boot on what I had, other than a thinkpad that would run everything fine but wasn’t much fun.

Well, now as I’m thinking about how I want my desktop set up, as I really haven’t done much yet, I think I want void on it. Will it be challenging to not have SystemD? Does that matter? What about OVMF? From what I’ve looked up theres no general executable for it in the void repo’s, or there wasn’t last year at least.

I’m still doing rudimentary research to learn how it works and reading other guides. Mostly just want to know if my distro of choice will make it a pain in the ass to accomplish or not.

The things that are important are kernel modules, fully featured libvirt and hardware setup.

I don’t think you’ll have issues on void.

For the most part, systemd and whatnot are not really important. It’s just that most people run systemd, so any custom init scripts are going to be written for systemd.

Choosing an odd distro can definitely raise the difficulty, but I’ve done passthrough on everything from Ubuntu to gentoo, arch to solus. It’s all doable, just depends on how much fiddling you need to do to get it just so.

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