GPU Power

My friend was going to buy a GPU from another friend. So on our lanparty both friends came to over and we installed the GPU in his PC. BUt then we notised that he doesn have a 6pin power cable, so we took the molex to 6pin adapter, and we noticed he only have one molex.

So my question is, do he have to buy a new psu? or is it possible to use an adapter?

i read that it's possible to use molex -> 2xMolex -> 2xMolex -> 6pin pci connector (but i doubt that) does it work?


the GPU is an Asus GTS 650 and his psu is an 400w 80+ bronze.


also, dont use adaptors..

practically every card I have ever bought from either evga, xfx, bfg etc all come with a big warning printed on card about not using those sorts of converters


This will have every thing you need and more :)

I have the corsair 800w in mine, reason being want to put a 7990 in there one day...

i live in Finland and that psu costs 82$ here. and my friend cant afford both :(

can you afford  this? -->

that psu costs 70$ in finland so no :( but thanks for the help anyways :)