GPU passthrough on laptops

Hello, I was woundering if anyone knows the proggres on MUXless laptops with gpu passthough and if so were?

Hi bluebeargreen,

First off welcome to the board.

Secondly, are you just wondering in general, or are you looking at specific hardware?

I’ve tried with an Dell Lattitude 7424 w/ intel 8th gen and AMD RX 550. Got maybe 60% of the way there and snagged up on hardware issues.

Conceptually, Muxless isn’t really the problem, as it makes things easier for Looking Glass, you can power on the dedicated card without it fighting for the physical video out wires.

What is difficult is getting the #*&! card to initialize properly. Unless you have an interface to cut and re-apply power to the card, I can’t recommend that you waste time going down this road. Starting with power to the card left the card in a partially initialized state that would fail when passed to the VM. I captured it with the stub driver in the initramfs, but apparently early firmware had already messed it up before then.

My laptop ostensibly has Linux support for that interface, but only has a package for Ubuntu 18.04 , and isn’t compatible w/ lock-down/secure boot anyways.

And being a mobile device w/ Full Disk Encryption, secure boot was more important than the one or two games I might be forced to play in the Win. 10 VM, and I already had my workflow setup in Fedora 32.