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GPU passthrough Looking Glass single monitor

I’m using a Windows VM with GPU passthrough and Looking Glass.
Is it possible to use only a single monitor for my Linux host and to display the video from the VM in the Looking Glass Client? So that the VM with gpu passthrough has no physical monitor attached to it.
When I tried it I didn’t get any video from the Looking Glass Client.

Would be buying a USB Switch (for keyboard and mouse) and a HDMI switch (for the 2 video inputs, Linux and the Windows VM) be the better option?
2 devices seem to be a lot cheaper than a KVM switch that supports 2560x1080 resolution over HDMI and USB ports.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, but you need to use a dummy EDID plug.


Are there any differences with EDID HDMI dummy plugs regarding maximum supported resolutions? I’ve seen some that say “4K UHD” in the title and in the article description stands up to “1920x1080” (HD). A bit controversal.
for example:

Why can’t both GPUs be plugged into the same monitor?


You’re totally right. I should really think about the basic possiblities first. Thanks