GPU Overclock

Hello, I have an older Powercolor HD 5850 and I have not previously overclocked my card and its stock clock is at 760/1050 and 1.125V. At the moment I have set it to 810/1050 and 1.125V and was wondering if there is more potential for the card while still maintaining a stable OC. The reason i am starting to overclock my card is because i am buying a new card and I do not want to be overclocking that and have something go wrong because it was my first time ;) with the OC I have on it now it is getting on MSI Kombustor and average FPS of 73 and running at a temp of 83 degrees, is this a safe temp? 

get sapphire trixx, up the voltage to 1.2 set to 900 core, and leave the memory where its at to see if you can handle that clock, then set the voltage to 1.25 and set the core to 1000, see if its stable then work on upping the memory, be sure to check temps don't get into the 70s, that is your warning zone, its okay to be there but if it gets any higher that's when it starts being bad for the chip, you will want to make a custom fan profile where it hits 100% at 69C


The voltage will only turn up to 1.15 with sapphire trixx

Just use MSI Afterburner. It's free, and it works. Anyway, 70C is pretty low for a GPU actually. I wouldn't worry about temps unless they pass 85C.

The only way to figure out if the cards have more potential is to keep pushing them and stability testing them.

Alright thanks for the info Vortex