Which one should i spend more money on. Should i get a corei7 with 1gb graphics, or a corei5 with 2 gb graphics. I want to mostly play games so please help me. thanks

So, why won't you go with a better CPu. DO you think that CPu are less important in games than GPu right. 

I see, thanks alot that helps. Because i am buying a laptop and, i want the latest game. I could go with the corei7  and 1gb graphics, or with the corei5 and the 2gb. I was thinking yeah, games use more graphics card ability then cpu. CPu is mostly for video codding and stuff like that. Thanks

You're going to need to know what GPU model that laptop is going to have. The amount of ram doesn't really matter all that much. The more ram you have, the higher resolutions you will be able to use, but that's not going to matter in a laptop usually because most laptops only have a resolution of 1366x768. You want a powerful GPU, not just more video ram.

the cpu is a i5-2450M and the gpu is NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M 2GB graphics with Optimus. i hope this is enought information.

the 540M is kinda weak

it doesn't really even meet the recomened requirements for most games till you get to some older ones.  then also it doesn't even reach required for about half of newish games

hmm...well the GT 540m is pretty basic. You'll be able to play games with it, but you'll probably only be able to play most games on medium settings. If you want better graphics quality, I would suggest going with at least a GT 555m, but a GTX 560m, 570m, or 580m would be even better.

I forgot too, the 600 series is out for laptops too, so be sure to check out the GTX 660m, 670m, and 680m.

On the AMD side, I would recommend a Radeon HD 6870m or higher.

The new 7*** Mobile AMD cards are out for laptops now and are very good indeed.

So are you saying that i should look in to alienware becauce they have the 660m. I see any one that thinks of a good gaiming laptopt that owuld run everything these days fast can you recommended it to me. Thanks Sorry i am a big noob.

This is what I would get if I were looking for a gaming laptop:


The thing about laptops, though, is that their GPUs are only about half as powerful as their desktop counterparts. The GTX 580m is about equivalent to a GTX 560 TI for a desktop. That's why if you're going to be gaming, it's better to build your own tower than it is to get a gaming laptop. You end up paying less and getting better parts.

Just speaking from personal experience, I've got the Asus G53, it's priced well below the MSI that Vortex recommended.  It plays Skyrim on the highest settings at 1920x1080 (that's the only game I've played recently that's requires even a little processing power).  560M vs 580M, 8GB RAM vs 12 (but ram is cheap, I put an extra 8GB in for about $30?).  Both i7, same screen resolution (but the Asus has a smaller screen).  The harddrive on this Asus is pitifully small vs the other laptop, but it still does the job...

I guess it depends whether you have ~$1000 vs ~$2000 to shell out for a laptop, and whether you're ok adding onto the laptop (external harddrives, more RAM, etc) or whether you'd prefer the laptop to come prepackaged with everything.

well i kind of need it protable. But I am looking around something in the 1000 dollar range.

at lower resolutions it doesn't take much to max a game out, I did a build for a friend and his monitor limited his resolution pretty low but he maxed out skyrim on a 2GB edtion 550ti (price checked it at best buy against newegg and got it the price of the 1GB ver), no idea how the game looked but I guess with max AA and AF it looked gorgeos to him since he was a console guy

Yeah, if you want to spend around $1000, then definitely go with that ASUS that LittleViking posted. There's probably nothing better out there for the money.

I see thanks.