GPU not Detected

Windows not Detecting Card Windows 7 64-bit is not seeing my Radeon HD 7570. I have tried multiple different drivers and pulled out the card and tried re-installing it. Nothing is working and I have no other ideas.

My specs:

CPU: FX-8320

GPU: Radeon HD 7570

Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0

not doubting your ability or anything, but have you got it pluged up to a 6pin pcie power connector? also what is your psu like? you may not have enough power

Propably power issue indeed,

how did you install drivers when your GPU is not detected, i assume it is working, you just cant see it in device manager?

(or if you used a different card, then atleast the motherboard is fine)

Get latest motherboard chipset drivers, then install GPU drivers.

The 7570 does not have any 6 or 8 pin power connectors and has a max TDP of 75W. If I go to install the drivers for the card it will install but then afterwards the Catalyst Control Center will not be active. My PSU is a Corsair 600M Semi-modular.

mmm, clearly not the power issue then, i assume you have tried with the latest drivers?

I would try using older drivers, see if it makes any difference.

Might be, that something went wrong on the first driver install, so you could boot into safemode (hit F8 on windows loading screen) uninstall the AMD drivers, and reinstall them. (make sure you uninstall all ATI software, files from old installation tend to stay back, also search for folder related to AMD/ATI and delete those)


I completely uninstalled the drivers, including going into safe mode and the problem did not get fixed and I tried with 5 different driver, both beta and stable.

I found a forum thread with a similar problem, you didnt happent to buy the computer or card from HP did you?

Well, according to this, the HD 7570 they sell, is modified version, and drivers from ATI wont work on it, theres more info on the thread.



Re: AMD Radeon HD 7570

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Hi, the AMD Radeon HD 7570 is an OEM video card. It is not supported directly by AMD website. The drivers are provided by HP or DELL websites (the only PC makers in the U.S.A. that use this card) As of March 9th 2013, the latest driver version of HD 7570 for windows 8 is from 21-09-2012. I'm sorry but for OEM video cards versions you are at the mercy of HP or DELL for drivers updates in the US. Those drivers work perfectly fine in Windows 8. Next time, if you are so picky about having the latest of the latest video drivers buy a computer with a NON-OEM video card. Or just buy a retail VIDEO CARD. Thanks. [/quote]


Sorry, forgot to add solution, see if the HP or Dell drivers work.

Ok thanks you for the information, though I put my 7950 form my gaming build into it and it didn't work either giving me the same error. I will try to get the drivers for Dell.

It worked! I got it working using Dell's drivers, thank you so much.

Try restarting you pc, else probally a power issus check i you connected the power wire correctly