GPU malfunction question

So I built a new PC and got everything installed windows,drivers,etc and I was playing minecraft for about three hours and my PC just shut off and wouldn't turn back on so I let it sit overnight and it still wouldn't turn on so I took out the GPU and it started up so I put it hback in and it wouldn't work again does anyone know how u can fix this oir do I need to replace the GPU?

Sounds similar to what happened to my last gpu..

I sent it to MSi and a tech I was speaking with told me it was faulty, he didn't go in to detail though so I'm still not sure what exactly was the cause.. In the meantime I borrowed a friends gpu and my system booted just fine with it.

Long story short MSi sent a replacement, I installed it, and my system booted up just fine.

OK thanks man I'll file my replacement with asus

Since the tech I was dealing with didn't give me any details about my "faulty" gpu during my last rma I'm still left wondering if maybe there is another component causing issues but ever since I built my pc back in January/February the only issues I've had have been gpu related.

People on other forums also suggested it was just a faulty gpu. I still question this though since I went through 3 rma's with MSi throughout the year before getting fed up with it and getting a new gpu altogether.

I don't have any experience with Asus costumer service/rma but try to do your rma by phone and see if you can get in contact with a technician.