GPU idle temprature: 75C gtx660

My gtx 660 started to have idling temps of 75C all of the sudden, it used to idle at 32-45C
I've tried reversing my overclock but still got pretty high temps (lower 60s)
I have had it in my system for only about 2 years
I've also had problems with my entire system being slow
(slow start up, Massive delays at seemingly random times)
This only started to happen after my last shutdown.

Maybe it's time to clean the system, both hardware and software sides.

Hi know there is some funky stuff going on with nvidia shield streaming. The driver keeps it running atball times with a COU and GPU for your troubles. It does this because in their infinite wisdoms shadow play and streaming are linked to the same service.

Do if you can live without shadow play disable that service. Sorry I forgot the name I found it over on /r/PCMasterRace a few days ago. It helped out one of my friends who was having epic load times for TF2 and other games. Now it is all back on track.

Also your GPu might be dusty and the thermal past might be past its prime now.

Could be a mining software on there. Monitor the usage.

What OS are you using?

If you're on windows, have a look in task manager (ctrl+shift+esc). See what's running. Also, have a look at msconfig (windows key + R, type "msconfig", hit "run") - see what's in your startup programs.

Cleaned the gpu and it fixed it for a little while now the temps are stuck at 56-58 (IDLE)
I tried all the solutions above what do I do now?

I use SHIELD streaming every once in a while and I'm not ending up with ridiculous GPU temps or anything.
Yes, the drivers are running all the time which isn't completely necessary but they don't seem to be using any particular resources. Not even RAM.

I'm not sure what would make it use so much resources.

I found my problem, It seems a remote desktop monitoring application called "teamviewer" was causing my overheating problems I got suspicious when I saw it repeatedly popping in and out of my process manager.
soon after uninstalling opened up GPU-Z and sure enough my temps where going down toward normal levels.
I will just stick to using any desk for now I guess.

I have a feeling that it was either a corrupted version of teamviewer or a mining virus...
TeamViewer is legitimate software?

I have used team viewer on many systems and have been using it for about a year it just started acting up .
its legit, as far as I can tell.

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disables automatic teamviewer updates
yeah it is ligitimate software as far as i know. a lot of my friends use it, and i use it a lot too.