GPU history...!

Hollandish? Lol, you mean Dutch :3


Damn maybe my voodoo3 3000 is worth some shit then around here somewhere i no theres a ati rage 128 card laying here.
yea 3dfx was the shit they got bought out by nvidia i think.
i rember getting that card and running hl1 one opengl instead of software rendering along with unreal tounament wow those where the days lol

3dfx couldn't have been that good, you know they got their asses kicked by Nvidia. Nvidia bought most of their stock, and hired all of their employees.

They got owned.

thats pretty crazy... are other 3dfx cards worth near that much? i mean the voodoo5 6000 it seems was never released and that might have a lot to do with it.

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I don't really have the funds to get decent hardware

i no my voodoo 3 ran shit great for the time though :) quake 3 ran fine on it lol

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i demmand some benches from you when it arrives my good man ;)

i demmand some benches from you when it arrives my good man ;)

lol u started buying gpu in 2007

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nvidia whore

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Actually, you bumped this old, dead thread only to cry about my age. I'm 15, and started avidly PC gaming 3 years ago. Just relax yourself, and stop bumping. Especially for such terrible reasons.

Go cry somewhere else. Noone at rtw wants you here.

I wish people would stfu about Nvidia >< ATi, tbh, between them, if you buy the same level cards there's maybe a couple of FPS difference which makes no real difference, I personally prefer ATi but that's just because I'm used to their grading structure, each to their own, it doesn't really matter. It's like having a Ford and complaining at someone with a Vauxhall/Opel, they're practically the same.

"Vauxhall/Opel"Â Must be british cars, right?

Well it's owned by general motors, so I thought you may have heard of it. Vauxhall is British and Opel is European.

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I know it probably looks like I'm an nvidia fanboy, but I honestly don't mind ATi at all, there's just never been much of a reason prompting me to switch.

Hmmm didnt start with desktop pc's before 2 years ago.. lul. im only 17 tho.

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