GPU history...!

Hi all!

Just to keep things alive, how bout posting your GPU history? starting from the very first? here's mine:

Riva TnT 8MB>Ati Rage pro 32MB>Riva TnT 64 32MB>Radeon 7200 64MB something>Geforce 2 MX 64MB>Radeon 9200SE 128MB>Geforce FX 5200 128MB>Radeon X300 128MB>Geforce
7600GS 512MB>Radeon x1600 Pro>Geforce 9800GT 512MB> Radeon 4830
512MB> GTX 260 896MB

Green>Red>Green>Red ... LOL started back in 2000, and still keeps to the "tradition" ... :D

2007 - 2x XFX 7300 GT
2008 - EVGA 8800 GTS
2008 - EVGA Step up 9800 GTX
2009 - XFX GTX 285

This is just for my main computer, I've have three other computers which get upgraded frequently. All with Nvidia GPUs, no ATi in my house.

2005-2007: Intel...... something
2007-2008: Nvidia Geforce2 MX400 or something like that
2008-2009: Ati 9600 Pro
2009-2010: Ati HD3850
2010- : Nvidia Geforce GTX 470

Nvidia Geforce 6100 XL (Pre-built computer), Nvidia Geforce 6200 (Pre-built computer), Nvidia Georce 9600gt, Nvidia Geforce 9600gt x2 i SLi

If we're going into pre builts, then my first computer I can remember has an ATi X200, then a GeForce 6150 LE.

???? - ATi/Intel Onboard
2007 - MSI Radeon X1600 LE
2008 - Asus EN8500GT TOP
2009 - Asus GTX 295

2001 - End 2009, S3 SavageMX (In Asus L8400 laptop)
End 2010 - GeForce 320M (hopefully)

NVIDIA - PNY GeForce FX 5500 AGP
ATI - Radeon x1600 PRO AGP

Pre-2004-ish: Random PCI cards
2004ish-2007: NVIDIA Dell FX5200 128mg AGP [/wrists]
2008-2009: NVIDIA PNY Geforce 7600GS 512mg AGP
2009-present: NVIDIA XFX GTS 250 1gb PCI-E

2006 - HD2600 pro (PCI 512mb Version) in my first own baught computer
Late 2008 - XFX HD4870 512mb (first GPU in my current comp and over heated to death =[)
2009 - Gainward 8400gs 512mb (shit i know but it was given to me by a friend cause my mobo dosn't have onboard graphics)
2009 - OEM 9600gt 512mb (baught when I just had enough of the sihtty 8400 but didn't have the money to buy a decent card and this card only costed me €50)
2010 - Sapphire HD4870 1gb (which is still alive and doing a bang up job =])
So not a great history at all as you can see XD
But my Current Computer is only my first build and the 2600 came installed in my first computer.
Can't wait till the day comes to start a new build and try out one of thos direct x 11 cards =D

2007-some integrated nvidia gpu on my laptop
2008-8800gts 320
2009-present-gtx 260 core 216

2007-some integrated nvidia gpu on my laptop
2008-8800gts 320
2009-present-gtx 260 core 216

2008- Asus 8600GT EN
2009- Inno3D 9800GTX 512Mb
2010- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5165 1Gb

What notebook would have that mobile GPU? That's pretty nice there

What notebook would have that mobile GPU? That's pretty nice there

Looks like I was the only one who started with a **** 8MB TnT card...too many years ago :D I never had onboard graphics...hate 'em that much...

2005-ATI Xpress 200m (played AoE3 quite well with no lag on med graphics.)
2006-Intel gm945 my old laptop was stolen... :(
2008-Hd2600 mobility XT CPU bottleneck :(
2008-HD 4870 512mb still CPU bottleneck lol

voodoo3 3000 3dfx bitch 16mb
ati radeon 9000pro 64mb
geforce 4 mx440 then a 420 when it died
geforce 5700le
geforce 5500 then 5200 after 55 died
geforce 6600gt
geforce 7600gt
geforce 9600gt
now im running 9800gtx+

i did once buy a x850xt ati card but doa so returned it

I didn't get into computers till 2007/8 ish
during nvidias 8 series.

(9700gt asus G50 lappy gpu)
Soon to be 5770/5830/5850

Hmmmm first card was
6200se, then...
X1950pro, then

that's over the course of like....6 years lol. A new GPU every 2 years? I didn't really get into computers until about the second year when I realise my computer was a piece of trash.

*****? I don't think you realize how rare them damn Voodoo 3dfx cards are, now-a-day. My hollandish (?) gamerfriend has been a GPU collector since 1996 (he got all sorts of rare Prototype GPUs), and he just bought a Voodoo6 6000 for 2000 euros on eBay. (selling his god damn Core i7 rig for a bloody rare GPU?!)

But he told me about these Voodoo cards, and from what I've learned from him, Voodoo was the shit over 'em all.