Gpu help!

Okay so im doing a budget build for one of my friends. And im stuck with 2 diffrent GPU cards. I want to say that the gtx 640 is better cause its 2gb, but i dont know. So the GPU's that i have planned for him is the GTX640 2gb 128bit and the GTX 650 1gb 128 bit..... He wants to run Games like skyrim and BF3 on 1920x1080 at max settings or high settings. He also was to do a little bit of video editing and picture editing. And if your wondering the CPU that im getting for him his the AMD phenom II x4 965 black edition deneb 3.4ghz With 8gigs of 1600 ram.


here are the links to them

GTX 650

GTX 640

If you guys could also recomed somt cards for under $105 that would be awesome! thanks!


I'd personally save up abit more and grab a 7870 2GB Ghz edition, that card will kick ass.

The 550ti is little bit above your margin, however this card has an amazing bang:buck ratio.

well duh! its not for me in the first place. And i said that he can only spend $105 on a GPU so why would you like me a $200 gpu lol?