Gpu for around 250$

Looking to upgrade really soon and was wondering if someone could help me choose.  I was looking at an r9 270x windforce 4gb.


Please help. 

Either get the 270x of your choice or get a 760.

You would only need 4Gbs if your going to playing games higher than 1080p. I have an EVGA 760 2GB with the ACX Cooler and I love the ACX Cooler. The 760 does outperform the 270x but it is a good card if you have only $200 to spend

Would the 270x run bf4 better? 

If you get a 270X you are disposing your money. A 270X is a factory-overclocked 270. Just get a 270.

Thanks for telling me that. 

4GB GTX760 or 270X are both indeed a waste of money, because both a GTX760 and a 270X are not powerfull enough to utilize that amount of vram anyway.

In terms of gaming benchmarks, i think that the GTX760 is overall the better card. But the diffrences are not big. just look for some online benchmarks on the games you play, which card scores the best. Most benchmarks i saw the GTX760 was ahead, but not  much.

Thanks I'll look.  =:)