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Gpu fan control

He there,

Like my title says i would like to control the fan on my gpu with a motherboard fan header (the original fan died). I tried speedfan but it wont work. Than I found this-> .
I would like to try it out but has anyone had any experience with this application? Besides is there any way to know if its safe to use or is there any better program to do this. I can control the fan speed in the bios but its either cpu dependent or just static as far as i know the bios isnt capable to read the gpu temperature so that is impossible that is why I ask. Thanks for your input because i cant really find anything online about this program.

Thanks for your time and effort to read this and i would really appreciate if you could help me out.

What model of motherboard do you have?

[EDIT] As for the project’s safety, IMHO a 22 page forum thread dating back several years, for an open source project is a pretty good indicator that the project is safe from a malware perspective.

I got the msi x370 gaming plus.

Got to try this. Maybe it can retire SpeedFan on my old AM3+ board.