GPU dying?

so recently i’ve been having some super strange issues with my pc that have me concerned for my gpu. The short of it is that occasionally when im playing a game all my monitors will turn black i will hear a windows disconnect sound and then maybe 30 seconds later they come back and my game has crashed all the videos i had running need to be refreshed also discord auto suggests switching to nvidia high defenition audio as if it had just been connected which has me thinking its a gpu issue. sometimes even the pc wont recover and i have to force shut down and restart. My gpu is a 2080ti btw if that helps solve anything i’ve heard that these gpus have some issues so hopefully its something fixable. Thanks for any help

Whats your PSU? Any high powered devices nearby?

i have an evga 1000w p2 platinum and the only other high power devices on the same circuit are the my ultrawide 2 side monitors and a 65 inch tv

Reseat GPU and cables, maybe something is a bit loose and pushing it makes it go nope. How are temps?

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temps are mid 50s and i have reseated and the issue persists

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