GPU crash after power outage

After a power outage my GPU stopped working, it’s a 5700XT i bought around 2 years ago and although temperature was a bit high it didn’t have any issues before. Power went out and immediately came back, afterwards the GPU completely died, the only sign of life is the LEDs turn on but that’s it. I tried smelling it and removing the GPU to check it out and couldn’t find any signs of damage, it looks (and smells) like it always did, only now it doesn’t work. I tried it on another computer, same deal, no signs of life.

Does this kind of issue sound recoverable? There’s a good GPU repair shop around here (No official sapphire coverage in Brazil, sadly), but i have to send my GPU to them and wait 10 work days. In 10 days i could buy and install a new one.

If this sounds trivial and easily recoverable, i’d rather wait 10 days and work from my laptop while i wait. But if it’s not i’d rather not waste time and buy a new one already. I’d like to know what you guys think, specially if you have GPU repair experience.

Thanks a lot folks!

anyone? ;_; i’ll be sending it on monday regardless but i’m really out of the loop on what could have happened, since the board doesn’t have any burning smells or marks.