GPU covers PCIE 1x Slot, HELP

So i am looking to get a new GPU. I am going to get a 270x no matter what. problem almost all of the cards are to big. Length and width isnt a problem. its the height. i have a wifi adapter inside of the PCIE x1 slot. and any of the GPU's i want to get cover that slot almost completely. 

I have a M5A97 R2.0 mobo, it has two pcie x1 slots and any gpu covers it completely. The measurement between the Pcie x16 slot and the pcie x1 slot is only 38mm. So a Pcie x1 riser wont help. ive been looking and i am having trouble finding any x16 to x1 slots or anyhting like that.

Help please, i dont know what i should do

You can plug a 1x card into an x16 slot. 

You dont need any adapters or anything. It just works.

That's how it was designed.

I dont realy get it, the Asus M5A97 R2.0 has 2 pci-e X1 slots. The second one, the closest to the black X4 slot, should be no problem. Unless you gonne get a triple slot GPU.

thats actually my next upgrade to get a wifi-card cause my Gryphon Motherboard doesn't have wi-fi which is mind-boggling to me. i didn't know if 1x cards plugged into a 4x or 8x slot. good to know :)

+1 PCIe's slogan should be: If it fits, it works.

It also works the other way too. You could plug an 8x into a 4x and some would just hang off the back but it would still work just at reduced speeds.

However only some slots are open ended so you'd have to check your motherboard specifically. 

PCIE is a really fantastic interface. 

Thanks a lot guys!