GPU configuration in BOINC

I’ve been a supporter of grid computing projects such as BOINC and [email protected] for a few years now, and run dual 980s in my desktop. However, when I’m using the computer, sometimes I’m wanting to use one card for BOINC and one card for personal use. I don’t see a way to do this in the program itself though. Is there a way to do this in windows settings or through some other program?

I run both BOINC and [email protected] 24x7 with RTX 2070 and GTX 1650.

Folding allows you to add or remove a card or CPU to the mix; BOINC has not had a GPU-ready project in some time but the OpenPandemics in WCG has recently released one. I would guess removing one GPU card from [email protected] would free the second for use. I am unaware of a project to designate which card you choose.

A handful of BOINC projects make use of GPU/CUDA exc. [few for ex.]

Little bit finagling be involved, in telling BOINC to control GPU usage [aka - “use this one, not that one” kinda filter]. I recall next to nothing of procedure, but did get it to experimentally run a headless amd S9150 [leaving a W5000 chip untouched].
FAH definitely had easier interface [got a K20x running, while avoiding a P620]

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