GPU Compatability. (2.5 PCI-E slots)

I'm wondering if my GPU will be compatible with the case.

Heres the GPU:


Here's the CASE:


Here's the MOBO:


The case and mobo are compatible, but it stated that the GPU I'm getting took up 2.5 slots? Will this be a problem? Will it leave a half-pci-e hole in my case? eh.

That card actually takes up 3 slots. It may take up only 2.5, but that other .5 is useless and can't be used.

By slots it means the slots in the back I/O area. It has almost nothing to do with the actual PCI-E connector on the inside. Which is compatible.

I've got the same GPU and Motherboard. The GPU is a 3 slot card, but the 16x PCIe slot is placed just perfectly for that kind of setup. You will lose reach to one PCI slot, but if you were to go SLI, there is enough space for you to do so with the second PCIe slot at 8x. 

In short, unless you really need one of those extra slots for something else, you won't have a problem. With a single GPU, or dual.

I highly recommend not getting that card. It is really overpriced; for that money, I'd grab an MSI 7970 Lightning, which has a much better VRM, is more powerful, and a better cooler. If you want to spend $500 on a graphics card, get an MSI Lighting 7970, not an Asus 680 Top.

However, a triple slot card will fit on that motherboard, but SLI or Crossfire will be difficult, or lowered to using a PCIe X4 slot. Shouldn't be a problem, though. Izrail did it :)


Let's keep these threads based on what the origional question was, and not turn it into a recomendation thread.

I understand your point, but it is a matter of concern for me, where he could get more power for the money. Still, if you are dead-set or have already bought the 680, it is a monster of a card. I even have a 680, NJM ;)

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Ninja EDIT: Yes. You. Are.

I'm currently running on 8 and 8, moved the dual Slot MSI 680 up to the 16x slot and moved the Asus 680 down the 8x slot. I've got one slot of space in between for better air flow. 

The only reason I'd get the 7970 at this point would be for the game bundles, but I already own all the games that come with the bundles, so it wasn't a selling point for me. Regardless, I think the Top card is worth the money because they're the highest factory overclocked 680's in the market and they still have room for overclocking and that cooler is just so worth it. 

Regardless, hopefully I cleared up any questions OP had.