GPU choice

Hello I am in need for a new gpu for my system

i mostly game, but i do use Photoshop illustrator etc maybe once or twice a month 

My price range is anywhere under $500 USD but i am willing to spend maybe just a little more for taxes or shipping cost.

Feed back is very much need

thank you in advance  :D

GTX780 will probably be your best bet, since  most adobe productes favour Cuda as far as i know. ☺

I'd get an R9 290. It is faster than the 780. If you use CUDA, then a 780 will be better.

well i dont  think cuda is that important to me since i only use cs products maybe 2 or 3 times a month for personal projects, but its nothing super insane professional over the top 

so is it between the 780 and r9 290  ?

Dont Listen to Rabidz, The 780 is in what most people do a better card than a 290. Its cooler and has more head room. it really depends on if you need an extra 1gb of vram. But at 1080p, the 780 is the best choice. The 290x is more on par with the 780. However again hotter and priced higher due to High demand for mining.

At 509, This is a great card.

If you can spend another 50, This card is well worth the larger cooler and better VRM.

780's with a great cooler can overclock like hell and when bypassing the voltage limiter will beat out even a 780 ti ACX. Well worth getting.


Well a R9-290 non reference, is a better performing card then a GTX780, in allmost all games.. But if you use adobe products, then the cuda cores of Nvidia come realy handy.

Also looked at the price point, at the monent. the R9-290 will be out of budget, that is also something to keep in mind. the GTX780 can be found under $500, but a R9-290 is arround $600 for a non reference model.

Thats why i recommend a GTX-780.

I was looking at the MSI 780 lightning and i'm thinkign thats what im going to get...maybe 

but there are rumors about a 790 dropping sometime next month and i was wondering if that would drop the price of the 780 ? 

i have no idea but i see some GTX780Ti dropped in price alot, they where at $800 price point, now you can get a Msi GTX-780Ti gaming, or an EVGA GTX-780ti super clocked, for $699

So there is basicly a price drop going on, like i said a normal GTX780 can be found for less then $500

I'm with Angel here, once you start getting above the GTX760/R9 270X area of cards nVidia is currently a better choice in my opinion. There's no doubt that the AMD cards are nice, but with the current 'coin mining that is driving the AMD prices up makes them not really worth it for anything other than mining. I have nothing against AMD as a company, I personally have an HD6950 that I love, but the prices have cut them off my list of current cards. nVidia's CUDA works better in Adobe products as well.

Nvidia is just the more cost effective company right now (you'd be called crazy a year ago if you said that) in the states. Amd cards prices are way to high. Getting an R9 290x which is slower than a 780 ti can cost $200 more because of litecoin mining.

Exactly. Personally I'd take a 290 or 290x over a 780 or 780ti any day... if the prices weren't bullshit like they are right now.