GPU choice considering PCIe v4 and lane limitations

I am looking to build a machine with a 3950x on the WS X570-Ace. I plan to outfit it with a PCIe v4 SSD (Corsair MP600 as it’s a decent price with the same muted aesthetic) and an Intel 10gb x722 NIC. In addition I hope to populate my 2nd M.2 and at least two of the SATA 6gbps ports.

My main drivers for building this are for video editing, replacing a 5-year old 6-core i7, getting at least 5 years of use out of it, and a significant amount of virtualization (virtualbox) for development and lab/mock-ups of various software suites and network function virtualization (DevOps).

I want to be able to use this workstation for some modest gaming on occasion and am in the budget for either a 2070-Super or a 5700XT. I see that the NVidia option has more favorable reviews, however given that I plan to use so much of the IO I am wondering if there would be any negatives to using a PCIe v3 GPU when my NIC is also going to be 10G PCIe v3 x8. I am worried that I am going to be doing a disservice to myself if I don’t use a v4 GPU.

If it matters, my primary monitor is a 1440p IPS and my secondary is a 1080p monitor for “parking” apps/videos/video-editing previews, etc.

Well pci-e 3.0 or 4.0 isn’t going to make any difference,
in regards to your gpu choice.
8x gen4 should not be any limitation for any gpu really.
The second slot can be used for the intel 10Gb nic card.

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