GPU Backplate?

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right section to post this question but here it goes. I'm new to this site altough I've been following the videos for years from tigerdirect. I was wondering if there was a backplate for the HD7850 that will hide the blue GPU board? kinda like a waterblock backplate or what the R9 has to make the card more rigid?

If you are running a reference PCB card this should work:

Otherwise I don't think there is one 

make a custom one out of acrylic or other not conductive material. then paint it whatever color you want.

Thanks for the tips guys really appreciate it

Question though would that work its polystyrene used in picture frames I dont really need the rigid aspects of a thicker backplate its just for cosmetic reasons. Blue PCB and red and black PC concept def no go (Project REDemption)