GPD WIN3, Am i the only one thats notices its much more than just a console?

Where to stat …

So i bought a GPD WIN3 about 6 moths ago now and unluike most people i did not buy it as a gaming handheld, but as a ultra portable super capable pc.

I upgraded the ssd to a gen4 2TD so i can keep multipal OS images to hand and any other softwear i mite need.

With the adtion of a pi zero kvm over wifi it is perfect and a poctet sized crashcart that can deply images patches ect without even needing to be online

Thunderbolt 4 need i say more can conect anything you can possably need to it when docked. i made a pcie dock with parts off alliexpress with a pcie switch so mine has 10Gbe + 6900xt in one dock so it becomes a full blown works pc that fits in pocket for when out in the feild.

No it dose not stand out as being the best at any one thing BUT it’s capable of doing so much more than gaming and is a incredible tool in it’s own right and on a hole nother level compaired to the handhelds that are designed as a ultra portable works computer.


Looking at GPD’s website, why WIN 3 and not Pocket 3?

Edit: my bad, didn’t know it wasn’t shipping yet.

But it seems like someone did, since the Pocket 3 specifically has a KVM module, with HDMI IN (which you can use with a VGA to HDMI cable).

That’s a easy one the pocket 3 that’s the same price comes with a celeron and the KVM modual costs 10x a pi KVM, and then there is usability can’t use a pocket 3 with gloves on but the win3 but the win3 you can with the joystick mouse, and lastly you still have a gaming handheld when your board

This is exactly why I want the steam deck.

Laptops are still to big and bulky for the light stuff i do, a portable PC is a little annoying but much more versatile.

The Deck is just all of it in a hand held.

And it is not too weak or anything unuseable. It could be a roaming actually wireless PC solution. Not a laptop that is either portable but drastically underpowered for the size, or can’t survive without a mains umbilical to feed them. Neither can be used walking… A phone is missing the actual PC OS stuff without a lot of playing around with VMs SSHs terminals and probably bringing a keybaord with you anyway.

Its perfect.