Got a new (old school) mechanical keyboard

Just picked myself up a Dell AT101W. This probably the closest I'm going to get to an IBM Model M (being from Europe). I got it from classifed ads for €40 which ain't bad considering that it's new in box and any other new mechanical board is starting at around €80.

The keyboard came with Alps switches (SKCM Salmon I think). It is quite nice to type on. Requires a reasonable amount of force with a tactile (but not too loud) bump. I've read these switches are similar(ish) to Cherry browns. My other keyboard has reds which I hate. Way too light and suck for typing.

All in all, I'm well happy. This is going to be my new work keyboard.


I've handled a few of these in my time, not a huge fan of black alps, but white alps are really great sadly I don't think these are in that model.

also be SUPER CAREFUL if you ever try to remove the keycaps. I cannot stress this enough.

Thanks for the tip. I did already remove the scroll lock key but I had a key puller and was being extra carefull with my new shiny toy.

There isn't any distinguising marks on the outside of the switch. Think I have to open the switch up to be sure what it is. That was a step too far... for now anyway.

they're black alps from my experience. also another issue, with old alps, the switches can explode when you try to take the cap off.

I think you're spot on. I came across this Dell AT101 wiki

Keyboards with Windows keys

The key switches are Alps SKCM Black in all variations.

okay... no more taking caps off.

yea, I had some white alps, the stems are really shitty, break off if you're not careful, and in some cases are really stuck and will tear the switch out with them, happened with an old compaq with white alps.

Personally love those dell keyboards. Mine has black alps switches, they kinda feel like Cherry Browns but a little bit snappier. Hard to explain. Great keyboard none the less.