Gorillaz Tracks from new album just leaked!

This is apparently due to a weak (four character) vimeo password.

Tracks from the new Gorillaz album leaked because someone Googled the tracklist, found the songs on Vimeo, and cracked the password pic.twitter.com/b4o3YEdG7N

— James Cook ( @JamesLiamCook ) March 21, 2017

Full tracklist:

List of available, listenable leaked tracks:

  • Andromeda
  • Busted and Blue
  • Charger
  • Noodle CU
  • Saturnz Barz
  • Submission
  • Hallelujah Money
    sources claiming to have the full album are scams.

Happy hunting!

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Soooo... Basically nothing?
Look at the name of the songs...
There's a name of a song: I Became A Counselor So I Could Tell Rape Victims They Asked For It...


What are you on about?
I didn't see anything of the sort.

Anal Cunt did that song on the It Just Gets Worse album

OK seriously, what am I missing here?

Anal Cunt is a bad and they released an album called "It Jut Gets Worse" and they sing the song Psycho mentioned, "I Became A Counselor So I Could Tell Rape Victims They Asked For It"

People were curios about what Psycho was talking about, so I googled the song name.

but what does any of that have to do with these dank gorillaz leaks?



you're welcome. should be hitting public trackers soon.

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Out of edits, but a cursory search shows that they indeed have.

And no, I don't condone stealing shit on the high seas.

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You are missing nothing. It's just my weird brain.
My point was, knowing the song titles is useless. And I just threw in the most ridiculous name of a song I could think of, to prove, that the name of a song without the actual song is meaningless.

you realize I was breaking that the songs on that album are leaked and listenable, right?

the track list was just for reference

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Well here's the big thing, that I missed...


I'm sure no one blames you, I'm sure as shit not gonna signpost with illegal download links

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Video is not related to the music.

did they just de-password them after the initial leak?

This one is pretty low bitrate

Password was 2017.