Google voice will not worth right after freedompop

I have resently tryed out a cell servace called freedompop, this provides you with a data connection and voip phone service that useing there messageing app. ever since I did this google voice will not work correctly

idk if the app or the sim card caused the problem but after only preexsisting number in contacts are reachable, anything new I try to add results in the phone diles gibberish numbers rather than what I actually type in. the only way to make it work right is to add a new contact from my computer.
I assume it is some kind of conflict with doompops Voip phone, I uninstalled the app that did not help I have not removed the sim card yet, how do I fix this?

edit its not gibberish it just adds a +44 to the beginning of any number I try and call
edit2: it seems that the uk country code its adding to everything I call I can manually type +1 b4 everything but that inconventent

well I fingured out what was causeing it tis now auto dyleing +44 this is the uk code. I want +1 for USA, there shitty app must have changed a setting some place but I cannot find where

unless maybe the wrong one is saved to the sim card?

OK I now know the cause, the wrong country code is saved to my sim card how to fix that I have no idea.

Congratulations you did it yourself :P.