Google+ Tonight?

Anyone interested in popin what we did last night? xD


Hey it's Craycraftdan, at my friends tonight working on a project for class, and class early in the morning, but Cosmos we should do it tomorrow night for sure!!!!!!

figured i'd host, i gots the best connection

Just joined up anyone else in?


No one else joining in?

I would be damn my edge internet, if I had 3GB coverage, then I'd be getting like 8Mb/s not 20KB/s

Gigabuster has joined more than anyone.

I either have edge or leach across the street through 3 wireless repeaters and 1 wireless acesspoint (All have the max of G, no N)

maybe I can pick up 3G if I use this satelite Dish, anybody here know how to increase signal quality on AT&T network, its net10 unlimity but runs on AT&T

I fell asleep while resizing my partition to install windows.

hehe, lol teeb....

and giga, i'm actually looking at nic's right now, there's a usb2.0 powered one that claims a 1.5 mi range, but it's like $100

just joined :)

yeah but I'm a hobo...