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Many games you currently can’t either …

If they give you the game for free why would you pirate it? Also I don’t think Steam is going away any time soon. You will still be able to buy and mod games.

If they give you the game for free - I don’t mind… I play the game, I don’t care about the ads.

Yeah, 5$ a month to play whatever game you want… How dare they go e you this option…
How about this, free you watch ads, 5$ a month - no ads.

For 5$ I can finally try those 20 games on steam I’m iffy about and decide if I want to buy them or not.

Even better, Google is so controling, shit like Agony, Rape day, Gay simulator, Trans simulator etc will not be available in any shape or form…

No, buddy, I really don’t see this as such a bad thing. I mean even my 10€ a month internet connection should be able to handle 1080p stream no problems… And I can think of at least 100 games where input lag is not important at all…



Same. Lol.



We can play stardew valley together



It depends on the game, dude… Cities Skylines barely cares about that for example…



mouselag matters in all games, Its why I dont play on my TV even though its only about 50ms latency… Now add another 50ms to that because you have standard internet. It makes the mouse feel unintuitive and hard to use. I’m not saying it cant be done but people arent going to understand that their TV and Internet connection are the reason the service is having problems or is hard to play on.

Plus who the fuck is going to sub to this for cities skylines? You can play that on some shit intel HD 4000. People want to play competitive games.



This has the potential to grab many of those mobile only “gamers” I think.



Maybe game devs will code better now that they have a 2.7Ghz threaded games to make. It’s a nice win for AMD and for the Nvidia users, maybe Nvidia will cave once again this year and make open source drivers for linux.



You think? I think the majority of mobile gaming is kids who would have to talk their parents into a subscription service.

I would be interested in it personally.



If they make it as accessible as they say, then yes, I think it will be a huge hit.

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Assuming its as big of a hit as you think its going to be, I cant wait to kick some console scrubs teeth in.

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Whenever I buy that game I will make sure you know :wink:

That is beyond bulshit…
Some people want to play competitive games. However many people would love to play well crafted single player stories (Hello there Bioshock, Life is strange, God Of War, Horizon ZD etc etc), many people would play games on Google just because they can’t spend 50$ to get Cities Skylines with all the expansions. Meanwhile I will also love to play FrostPunk… But i’m not throwing 20$ at it…

I think you really expect something from the service they will not provide. You want your boomfest crazy twitchy multiplayer garbage…
The tech is not there yet.It may be in a few years, but not now. Up to 100ms in AC Odesy will not allow you any fast multiplayer action. But a game like Journey would be perfect there.

PS: I’ve noticed you guys have tagged me like a million times at the lounge. I don’t go there anymore because of a certain gek. I would ask you to send me a DM or PM or whatever, cause I’m not going in the lounge anymore…

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Its not bullshit, the majority of players want a competitive experience and when you’re marketing a service like this you have to provide. You cant expect to take any portion of the PC or console market without it.

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that is not true…
Some players really do. Have I played League of legends? I have. Why? Cause it’s free. Not because I really want to beat other people. Have I played some other games - yes, cause they are free. Have I played APEX no matter it’s free? No, cause I don’t care. But it’s free, if I ever decide to try it - it’s just there.
The fact it have 10 million players means nothing when everyone is invited.

Seriously, there is a competitive market, but I don’t think that’s the majority of gamers or whatever.



It is true pete, whether you want to accept it or not.

The lists are dominated by competitive online multiplayer. You cannot exclude those games because you dont like them.

I’m not saying no one wants to play a single player experience. I am certainly looking forward to playing through the entire halo campaign when MCC comes out.



Back when i was younger i had a blockbuster game pass and those were some of the funnest years of gaming i ever had. Would be cool to have that kind of access again.

That said predatory companies might only let you play their games remotely and to never truly own them again and that would really suck.



So the top3 are a free to play game, a sandbox and another sandbox… Then we have a blizzard game, another free to play and a 5 years old game that had a few free giveaways and whatnot…
Look, I’m not saying you are wrong. There is a huge market for competitive multiplayer games, but on the other hand that may not be the target audience. I mean if we remove the free to play games there are sandboxes and single player games just as much as there are multiplayer competitive games. Also I have 3 LOL accounts. I bought Skyrim once, but that’s not the point.

PS: Also you prove my point, that steam and the current way of games distribution will not go anywhere.



You think theres no competition in GTAV, or minecraft? I suppose you could just only do skyblock or something solo. GTAV is full of various missions to play online to compete against other people in the same server as you… Unless your an RP loser. Minecraft has tons of PVP options.

Bottom line

Its :clap: not :clap: going :clap: to :clap: compete :clap: unless :clap: they :clap: have :clap: competitive :clap: multiplayer

Did you see the actual trailer for it or did you only watch the adored video. How about the name… maybe that gives a clue?


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I got into the Beta and played Assassins Creed Odyssey.

Was there a bit of input lag? Yes.

Was it unplayable? No.

Combine that with the fact that their controller doesn’t connect through your PC, but directly to their servers, it should reduce it even further.

(Obviously that wont help KB/Mouse, but that’s how I played AC, and it was fine.)



I am not sure how to feel about this. If this really takes off, then what it means is that the future games might be released exclusively to this type of service. What it means is that you will no longer even own a digital copy of the game that you bought.(not applicable here of course as its a sub service) but imagine that you pay a full 60-80 dollar price for some Battlefield 30483, but its only available in the form of streaming.