Google Glass Ideas

Google glass should have a rear-view camera, a time-lapse video mode, and a wi-fi mobile hotspot mode. ANy other ideas feel free to post.

Hmmm, no posts yet.  Seems like not many people care about Google Glass.  That's fine.

well i would like it if i could do my homework while doing something else, say perhaps going to the shops while thinking of ideas and writing down notes to write in an upcomming essay. 

although this technology is going to be based around the social networking, i think it has great capabilites for students and teachers. 

another great idea would be with the while idea of home auomation comming up, being able to turn on anything in your house at any time would be a great idea, and even having your vehicle drive itself if you need to be picked up would be handy. 

But in the end, i think that google glass will fail pretty hard, and its just going to be another type of mobile phone. 


I agree with what logan says. There's gona be alot of tranny's in the girsl locker room with those glases....