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I am just getting into podcasts (New job, lots of long road travel) and I THOROUGHLY enjoy the L1T podcast - I tried listening to LTT WAN show, but the constant change of people, Linus’s childish attitude, and their topics being way too high-level has made me lose interest. Are there any other good tech podcasts like L1News?

(I know there are a few threads like this, but the most recent is from 3 years ago…)


Still looking myself, thanks for the thread.

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I’ll definitely be updating here if I find anything (especially while I have time to look over the weekend). Please do the same so that we can try to keep a running list?

Thanks all!

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Are there any good cookie recipes out there?

What topics are you interested in?

There are a lot of good cookie recipes like those - …
this is a good example of how you should of answered.

Seems like OP is struggling to find any podcasts at all that’s why you can suggest everything which involves tech in a way.

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Linux Action News - Just as the title says
Linux Unplugged - More current events and tech
User Error - “Off Topic” show by the same guys that do the above shows

Linux Destination - Linux news and tech

Late Night Linux - News by people in the industry, these guys work on Solus and Ubuntu Mate

.NET Rocks
RunAs Radio
I listen to these two shows off and on. Microsoft focus with a huge devotion to DevOps. Lot of great guests.

Sysadmin Today - Microsoft and VMware focused, but great content. Goes over stories and best practices.

Iron Sysadmin - Linux focused. News and a “tutorial” at the end. Great start imo. This and Sysadmin Today are newer.

The Changelog
JS Party
GO Time

Podcasts done by the same group, they care about open source passionately. The first is general news, the other two focused on their language.

Coding Blocks
.NET focused, but the topics they cover apply to a wide range of languages. My personal favorite.

Arrested DevOps
Defensive Security Podcast
Southern Fried Security
Brakeing Down Security (yes, that’s spelled correctly)
Paul’s Security Weekly

I don’t listen to these anymore, because I’m not in that field anymore. Highly recommend them, though!

Hm… That’s a good name for a podcast…

Just go to and choose whatever interests you.

IMO the best enterprise tech podcasts are there.


Bad voltage is good
Wired podcast has a lot of news
As above linux unplugged and linux action news.
Hak5 threat wire is good but short.

Security now from twit is very in depth like 3 hours but good topics come up regularly.

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One way of finding new podcasts is to hear someone I like, then seach that persons name and mp3 download. If they are an author they are most likely doing radio spots and many radio hosts have saved shows.
Kim Kommando was one of the first tech radio shows but she deals mostly with consumer electronics, mp3 downloads at her site. At one time she was the number 1 tech show with hundreds of stations, Americas digital goddess, after 21 years she really knows radio.
My fav for tech podcasts is Trunews. They cover tech conferences like IOT, mobile world conference, Soft Bank and blockchain, they are not for everyone. Their emphasis is on tech as it relates to bible prophecy and makes the 700 club look left-wing.
Tom Horn has done allot on Transhumanism, also several miles to the right of Pat Robertson.
Sometimes youtubers have mp3 downloads on their web sites like Shiela Zalinsky.
3 big mp3 downlad sites with multiple hosts are Blog Talk Radio, Podomatic and Steamcast.

Also be careful when doing a google search since many “free mp3 download” sites that come up that look sketchy, IMHO clickbait=malware.
Hope this helps.
On another note, any good apps to play podcasts while driving, especially shorter shows in succession?

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Indeed. It doesn’t get much better than
I have some of their shows on my phone’s podcast app so I can listen to them on the go, others I watch on the PC.

Shameless plug:

Post Feed:

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I appreciate the info (not just trucker, but everyone!) - I use Overcast on my iPhone and it works great in combination with apple carplay (i’m not an apple fanboy, I just like their phones and it works fantastically well with my automobile)

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