Good SSD for fast boot


Please help me decide if it's worth it or not and if so which SSD should I buy to get fast Windows boot times.

At the moment I'm running a 1 TB Hard drive although boot times aren't super long, but I really would like it to boot faster. So I'm guessing to do that I need a as less of a capacity SSD and for it to be fast, because putting windows 7 in it is all I'm going to do, all my games, music ect. will go to my HDD. Please suggest!

EDIT - Forgot to note that since I'm only going to buy it for boot times I want it to be cheap if possible but fast at the same time, thanks again!

You could go for a smaller Kingston, Samsung or Adata.  I know for sure those are fast.  I have a smaller SanDisk SSD in my 2008 Core2Duo Laptop and now it boots in about 10-15 seconds on Windows 7.

You could probabaly get away with a 40gb drive but I would suggest a 60gb just so you have room for programs, TRIM, etc.

its a bit depending on how much you wanne spend for it, i recently bought an SSD my self a Samsung 840 pro 128GB ssd its realy fast, also fast ssds are A-data sp900 128GB or the kingstong hyper 3k 128GB. but you can ofc go cheaper if you pickup a 64GB SSD, would be enough for windows etc. Cheapest easy install solution