Good setup for video editing?

I need to know two things. First, is this a good setup for video editing? and two, can this setup be handled by my psu?

My setup

Have you already bought everything?

I advise for editing you get more ram i have 16GB and it would be nice to have 32gb for rendering but that's quite expensive and not really a requirement i would however recommend you get 16gb and yes your power supply can handle that build but i would recommend something modular like a for that price.

yes I've bought everything. RAM became a money issue for the month I'll get more next month. should I stick with the Kingston or go another direction?

How long do you think I'll be safe with that PSU?  Should I be thinking about upgrading Quickly?


you will be perfectly fine for as long as you arent getting a second card no need to change psu if you already have one.

Antec makes just as good of PSU's as Corsair if not better so you should be fine. Corsair just has a cult following lol

I was just recommending the first good modular power supply i found because 109 seemed expensive for a non modular 650W psu also i would indeed get more Kingston ram I wouldn't worry about getting a different kind would buy an identical set. However it is platinum certified so i can vouch the antec should be a very reliable power supply. 

ok, thanks for setting my mind at ease. I appreciate the incite guys.