Good quality Instrumental Rock/Metal radio with no ads

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does a thing like this even exist?

Not that I know of. However I'm not a big fan of streaming radio. Any reason why you couldn't make a Spotify or youtube (with adblock) playlist instead? If you are looking to use a streaming suggestion-based service to discover new bands, i dont think it will work out very well since you're interested in a such a specific set of criteria. Any example of artists/bands you are interested in? I'd be more than happy to cook up a massive playlist for you on youtube but I don't know what your preferences are.

I don't know many artists that produce purely instrumental rock/metal, I enjoy listening to the melody when doing something that requires concentration.
I could make a youtube playlist the only problem is it becomes repetitive very fast, I would listen to this maybe 3h per day.
I really don't have any criteria it just needs to have no vocals ( I get very distracted interpreting the lyrics) and be rock/metal (no electronic stuff)

I'll cook something up for you and send you a link. :D

Well, here's a start. Music is really subjective and I don't have a great idea of what your tastes are, but give it a go :D

Make sure to select shuffle.

Note: if you like heavier stuff just let me know and I will add more. Also there's actually over 350 videos in the playlist, but it only shows 200 when viewed on external platforms (like this forum) apparently.

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Thanks very much, will start listening this afternoon :)

One instrumental track that I love is this

Not sure which genre this is but I love it. If you guys know any bands that have a similar style would love to listen to them.