Good Places to Learn about Safely Developing Online?

I've been looking around a lot lately for online tutorials in this field but, sadly, most of them ones I've found have been focused mainly on very basic front end concepts that I'm already pretty familiar with (How to make an html / css / jquery webpage look shiny ). That said, I know a lot of you are networking / web development professionals and thought this would be a good place to come and ask for somewhere to start. I know this is an absurdly open ended request, but do any of you know of any online resources that focus more heavily on back end / back end interfacing with front end concepts? I feel like I've gone about as far as I can developing for the web with my current knowledge and any help garnering more would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

edit: I know how to get a website up with digital ocean / name cheap type services im just more interested in concepts like SQL / Database / SSL encryption stuff.

Spin up an minimal CentOS 7 instance on digital ocean, install apache and set up DNS. Generate a CSR to a CA (digicert / let's encrypt). Put the generated certificates on your web server and redirect all traffic on :80 to :443.

Not only did you just accomplish the ssl encryption on your bucket list but you have the most secure apache welcome page on the net!

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well, who knew it was that simple. I literally just finished setting this up and lets encrypt seems to have a bunch of relevant docs to my questions. Thanks!